Zoom Access to Google Calendars Reauthorization

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Who? Anyone who schedules Zoom meetings with Google Calendar
What? Reauthorize Zoom’s calendar access
Sunday, April 25th
Why? Will stop working if not reauthorized

Zoom calendar integration, enabled through the Zoom for Gsuite add-on, is the feature that allows you to schedule Zoom meetings directly from your Google Gsuite calendar. Due to coming feature updates, Google will prompt accounts using this integration to reauthorize Zoom’s calendar access on Sunday, April 25th. You will see a prompt to authorize access similar to the one below.

Please note if you do not confirm reauthorization, you will no longer be able to schedule Zoom meetings directly from your calendar.

Zoom screen showing that clicking the Authorize button at the button of the screen will allow Zoom to do the following:
1. View an manage the current user's meetings for GSuite calendar events
2. View the current user's information
3. View the current user's profile information
Prompt to reauthorize Zoom access to the GSuite calendar.

To learn more about the Zoom integration with Google calendars, see Zoom for GSuite add-on in the Zoom Help Center.

Questions? Contact its@guilford.edu.