Office 2019 Upgrades for Faculty and Staff

Announcement to Guilford Faculty and Staff:

This message is to inform you of upcoming changes to Microsoft Office at Guilford College. Microsoft has announced that Office 2016 for Mac has reached End-of-Life. This means that Microsoft will no longer provide security patches or updates to the Mac version of Office 2016. We have tested the current version of Office, Office 2019 Professional, and have found no issues running on MacOS. 

Office 2016 for Windows will still be supported by Microsoft until 2022, but to stay in parity across both Operating Systems we will proceed to move all new computer deployments and current Macs to Office 2019 Professional. 

Mac computers will get priority for the upgrade. If you are a Mac user please schedule a time for your Office upgrade by emailing the ITS Help Desk at The process can take anywhere from 10–30 minutes.  All new Windows and Mac computers will have Office 2019 installed. If you would like your current Windows machine to be upgraded to Office 2019, we ask that you wait until the week of January 31st to schedule a time for an upgrade. 

If you are using Microsoft Access 2016 for managing a database, please be aware that you will need to test your Access reports and databases with Access 2019. While Microsoft assures backwards compatibility for all versions of Office, issues may occur if you have any custom code or content in Access. You may choose to stay with Office 2016 for now.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us at or 336-316-2020, or submit at ticket at

Thank you