ERP Evaluation: Workday Demos Available

Evaluation icon with three major project phases -- requirements, discovery, decision. Burgundy indicating discovery phase.

Want to learn more about Workday? View the overview and “Deep Dive” demo recordings.

As part of the ERP Solution Evaluation project announced in January, Workday presented a series of demos tailored for Guilford. Workday demonstrated their HR, Finance, and Student solutions during February/March 2022.  Recordings of these sessions are available to Guilford faculty and staff. 

Click HERE to access the videos.  The demos are labeled by topic.  Please note that each video has an expiration date. 

THESE MATERIALS ARE CONFIDENTIAL AND ARE UNDER A NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT.  By viewing the videos, you agree to keep the information within the Guilford community.

Finance and HR Software Evaluation Project Underway

Evaluation icon showing the three major steps of the evaluation process -- requriements, discovery, decision.

Guilford seeks a modern, efficient Finance and HR software solution to improve data integration and promote efficient processes.

After careful examination of Guilford’s needs for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for Finance and HR, Guilford is evaluating solutions to possibly replace Banner, the College’s ERP for decades. This major undertaking seeks to find a modern, integrated, and more effiicient solution.  With possible vendors identified, the evaluation process is underway to make a recommendation in May.  

Guilford’s holistic approach focuses on HR and Finance now, with a look at Student for a potential future implementation.

Finance and ITS will provide updates to the campus community as we move through the process, together.

See January 31, 2022 announcement to campus from CFO John Wilkinson HERE (Guilford Google employee login required).

IT Security Alert: Fraudulent Gift Card Text Messages

Padlock representing IT Security

ITS has received notice of Guilford Community members receiving a scam text impersonating Guilford President Kyle Farmbry. Beware! This is a common scam that can lead to theft.

The message reported to ITS used a common “gift card” scam in which the sender requests urgent completion of a task. Upon receiving a response, the sender asks for the purchase of gift cards. You can read more about this type of scam here

Text scams are especially dangerous because spotting fraudulent phone numbers is more difficult than recognizing fake email addresses. Recognizing links to malicious websites is also more difficult in text messages. If you receive a suspicious text, verify the origin with the person who is named as the sender. If a text is fraudulent, do not respond. Delete the message.

To protect yourself, be careful with sharing your mobile number and do not post it publically. Phone numbers sending text messages can be spoofed, so even if you recognize a phone number, verify with the sender (outside of the text message) if a message seems suspicious. 

Have questions or need help? Contact the ITS Help Desk at or call 336-316-2020.

IT Security Alert: Fraudulent “Faculty Evaluation” Email

ITS received notice today of Guilford Community members receiving a scam email with the subject “Fwd: President Kyle Farmbry has shared a file with One Drive”. This email appears to have a “Faculty Evaluation” pdf file attached. When clicked, a form asks for the recipient’s username and password. 

This is a scam. Please delete the email. If you entered your username and password into the form, change any password(s) you shared immediately across any service where you use that password. Please also contact so we can check your account for suspicious activity. Reusing passwords across different services is NOT recommended – a compromise of one puts all accounts at risk.

Have questions or need help? Contact the ITS Help Desk at or call 336-316-2020.