Finance and HR Software Evaluation Project Underway

Evaluation icon showing the three major steps of the evaluation process -- requriements, discovery, decision.

Guilford seeks a modern, efficient Finance and HR software solution to improve data integration and promote efficient processes.

After careful examination of Guilford’s needs for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for Finance and HR, Guilford is evaluating solutions to possibly replace Banner, the College’s ERP for decades. This major undertaking seeks to find a modern, integrated, and more effiicient solution.  With possible vendors identified, the evaluation process is underway to make a recommendation in May.  

Guilford’s holistic approach focuses on HR and Finance now, with a look at Student for a potential future implementation.

Finance and ITS will provide updates to the campus community as we move through the process, together.

See January 31, 2022 announcement to campus from CFO John Wilkinson HERE (Guilford Google employee login required).