Banner Application

Effective 12/19/21: Banner has moved to a cloud-hosted environment. Use the links below to access the new environment. Be sure to update any browser bookmarks or other Banner references to use these links.

ITS recommends use of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari as your browser to access Banner.

Banner Web

Banner Web 8 access is available to all Guilford students, faculty, and staff. Alumni and former employees may also access Banner Web for limited purposes, including retrieval of unofficial transcripts for alumni.



Banner Admin

Banner Admin 9 access is available to specific employees based on job duties. VPN required.



Banner Environments Explanation

PROD (production) is the live Banner environment that should be used for all official (non-test) proceses and data access.

TEST, also called “pre-production,” is used by approved employees to test new versions of Banner software, new functionality, and data changes. Not everyone with access to Banner Admin PROD has access to TEST. Please speak with your supervisor if you need to use TEST. After reviewing your need, they can request access via an ITS Help Desk ticket.

A third enviroment, Banner DEV (development) is used only for specific projects and, typically, only a small number of people have access to this environment.