CourseFinder, a web course search tool powered by “Argos”, provides a simple way to search for Guilford courses matching specific criteria. Options include course subject, attribute, instructor, level, location, day(s), time, and more. Common uses of CourseFinder include advising and exporting course lists to spreadsheets.

CourseFinder has replaced the Gnosis Course Search Tool (read the 6/30/21 announcement).

Sign in to CourseFinder

(use Network account username and password)
VPN Required for off-campus acccess!

For details on performing searches and using results see Using CourseFinder (Guilford Google login required).

Important! As of June 2021, CourseFinder is available off campus only when using VPN to connect to the campus network. Because students do not have VPN, student access to CourseFinder is currently limited to on-campus use via GC-Secure Wi-Fi or a college computer in a non-residential space (e.g., lab). Faculty and staff may obtain VPN using instructions in Installing GlobalProtect VPN.

CourseFinder dashboard showing search options including term, session, attribute, instructor, course level, course number, availability, campus, schedule type, interdisciplinary major, time of day, class day, start time, end time, building and room.
CourseFinder Search Dashboard