Service Restored: Banner Emergency Outage | Mon. 4/18 @2p

Update | 4/18 3:30p: Our Banner hosting provider has completed the emergency maintenance work. ITS post-outage testing indicates that Banner is functioning normally.

Original Post:
ITS has received word from our hosting provider that Banner will undergo an emergency restart at 2p today (4/18). This outage will last approximately 1 hour. The mid-day disruption is required to address issues with time-senstive Banner operations. Affected processes include degreee evaluations for student advising.

ITS appreciates your patience as we work with our vendors to correct these issues. We will provide a update when services are restored.

IT Security Alert: Fraudulent “SharePoint Online” Email

ITS has received notice of other colleges and universities receiving email messages from “SharePoint Online” invoking the name of Guilford and a college employee. While subjects vary, they include “Faculty Evaluation”, a subject line often used in email scams.

This email is fraudulent. If you receive the email, delete it without clicking the links. If you entered your username and password into a form linked from the email, change any password(s) you shared immediately across any service where you use that password. Please also contact so we can check your account for suspicious activity. Reusing passwords across different services is NOT recommended – a compromise of one puts all accounts at risk.

Have questions or need help? Contact the ITS Help Desk at or call 336-316-2020.

ERP Evaluation: Workday Demos Available

Evaluation icon with three major project phases -- requirements, discovery, decision. Burgundy indicating discovery phase.

Want to learn more about Workday? View the overview and “Deep Dive” demo recordings.

As part of the ERP Solution Evaluation project announced in January, Workday presented a series of demos tailored for Guilford. Workday demonstrated their HR, Finance, and Student solutions during February/March 2022.  Recordings of these sessions are available to Guilford faculty and staff. 

Click HERE to access the videos.  The demos are labeled by topic.  Please note that each video has an expiration date. 

THESE MATERIALS ARE CONFIDENTIAL AND ARE UNDER A NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT.  By viewing the videos, you agree to keep the information within the Guilford community.

IT Security Alert: Fraudulent “Faculty Evaluation” Email

ITS received notice today of Guilford Community members receiving a scam email with the subject “Fwd: President Kyle Farmbry has shared a file with One Drive”. This email appears to have a “Faculty Evaluation” pdf file attached. When clicked, a form asks for the recipient’s username and password. 

This is a scam. Please delete the email. If you entered your username and password into the form, change any password(s) you shared immediately across any service where you use that password. Please also contact so we can check your account for suspicious activity. Reusing passwords across different services is NOT recommended – a compromise of one puts all accounts at risk.

Have questions or need help? Contact the ITS Help Desk at or call 336-316-2020.

Office 2019 Upgrades for Faculty and Staff

Announcement to Guilford Faculty and Staff:

This message is to inform you of upcoming changes to Microsoft Office at Guilford College. Microsoft has announced that Office 2016 for Mac has reached End-of-Life. This means that Microsoft will no longer provide security patches or updates to the Mac version of Office 2016. We have tested the current version of Office, Office 2019 Professional, and have found no issues running on MacOS. 

Office 2016 for Windows will still be supported by Microsoft until 2022, but to stay in parity across both Operating Systems we will proceed to move all new computer deployments and current Macs to Office 2019 Professional. 

Mac computers will get priority for the upgrade. If you are a Mac user please schedule a time for your Office upgrade by emailing the ITS Help Desk at The process can take anywhere from 10–30 minutes.  All new Windows and Mac computers will have Office 2019 installed. If you would like your current Windows machine to be upgraded to Office 2019, we ask that you wait until the week of January 31st to schedule a time for an upgrade. 

If you are using Microsoft Access 2016 for managing a database, please be aware that you will need to test your Access reports and databases with Access 2019. While Microsoft assures backwards compatibility for all versions of Office, issues may occur if you have any custom code or content in Access. You may choose to stay with Office 2016 for now.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us at or 336-316-2020, or submit at ticket at

Thank you

Banner Downtime for Updates | Wed. 1/12

Who: Students, Faculty, Staff and Affiliates who use Banner
What: Banner System unavailable during updates
When: Wed., 1/12 6p to midnight
Why: Time-sensitive updates

Banner will be unavailable on Wednesday, January 12th from 6pm to approximately midnight. During this time ITS will apply time-sensitive updates, including tax form upgrades, so that we can better serve you. Banner Web and the Banner “admin” system used by administrative offices will be unavailable.

STUDENTS: Please be aware that drop/add for courses will not be available during this time.

As a reminder, Banner was moved to cloud hosting prior to the winter holiday break.

The new link for Banner Web is:

You can also find the updated link on the Guilford Current Students and Faculty and Staff pages on the Guilford website.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact

COMPLETE: Banner Downtime for “Cloud” Hosting Move

Guilford College Banner

Who: Students, Faculty, Staff and Affiliates who use Banner
What: System downtime for 2 weekends
When: Fri., 12/3 @7p thru 12/5; Fri., 12/17 @7p thru 12/19
Why: Migration to “Cloud” (remote) Hosting

Update 12/19/21:

Banner is now available following this weekend’s downtime to move Banner to “cloud” (remote) hosting. The link for the new cloud-hosted “Banner Web” is:

Please update any browser bookmarks or other references to Banner Web to use this new link. Links on the main Guilford website will be updated Monday, Dec. 20th.

ITS thanks the Guilford community for your patience during this migration process. We are especially grateful for the staff in offices across campus who worked many hours over weekends on this important project. 

The new environment will offer more security for Banner, while also reducing costs.

If you have questions or notice issues with Banner, please contact or call 336-316-2020.

Update 12/13/21:

Technical work to resolve issues identified during the 12/3 “Dress Rehearsal” weekend has gone well. ITS and key offices across campus are now preparing for the “Go Live” of the cloud-hosted Banner environment. Banner will be unavailable beginning at 7p on Friday 12/17 through Sunday 12/19. When Banner service is restored, it will be running in the new cloud envionment. (Note: If any critical process failures require a switch back to Guilford local Banner, ITS will make a “fall back” decision by 2p on Sunday, 12/19.)

Links (URLs) to Banner will change as part of this migration. ITS will announce the new links when the move to the cloud is complete.

Update 12/5/21:

Banner is now available following this weekend’s downtime for Banner “cloud” (remote) hosting preparations.  ITS thanks the Guilford community for your patience during this process. We are especially grateful for the staff in offices across campus who worked many hours over the weekend on this important project.  The results were positive overall. ITS is continuing to work through remaining issues in advance of the Dec. 17th move.

Announcement 11/29/21:

The Banner system used for functions including course registration and work time entry will be unavailable the weekends of 12/3 and 12/17 as ITS moves Banner to “cloud” (remote) hosting. This move will reduce costs of operating Banner and provide additional security features. On both weekends, Banner will be unavailable from Friday at 7p through Sunday for all except approved testers. ITS will make an announcement when regular Banner service is restored following the downtime.

Third-party systems with live connections to Banner may appear to be available during these weekends, but should not be used by anyone aside from approved testers. This is due to the risk of data loss or retrieving inaccurate data. Specifically, only approved testers should use the following systems during this time:

  • CampusLogic Forms (for Federal Financial Aid data verification)
  • CourseFinder and other Argos reporting applications
  • Housing Application System (THD)
  • Microsoft Access reports connecting to Banner
  • OneCard ID Card System – issuing new cards or adding Quaker Cash
  • Parking System (update for 12/17: “read” access to data without making updates is OK)
  • Touchnet bill payment system

Note: This list will be updated based on initial testing results.

Regarding the Slate online application portal, prospective students will be able to apply and check applications during the dress rehearsal weekend. New applicant data will not, however, appear in Guilford’s production Banner until Banner and Slate are synchronized following the dress rehearsal.

If you have questions or require technology support, open a ticket at or contact the ITS Help Desk at or 336-316-2020.

Banner Web Issues with Chrome and Microsoft Edge Update

Note: This article was updated 9/7 to reflect that the issue also applies to Microsoft Edge.

ITS discovered on the morning of Sept. 2nd that the current Google Chrome web browser update (version 93) is not compatible with Guilford’s version of Banner Web. Banner Web will not work if your Chrome browser has auto-updated to v. 93. Please use a different browser, such as Firefox, until the issue is resolved.

ITS is researching this issue and will provide an update when a solution is identified. We apologize for any inconvenience.

CourseFinder Replaces Gnosis Course Search

CourseFinder icon

Who: Faculty and Staff who use the Gnosis Course Search Tool
What: Gnosis to be replaced by CourseFinder
When: Gnosis to be removed Fri. 7/2 at 4p

ITS recently announced plans for replacement of the Gnosis Course Search Tool with “CourseFinder,” a web application running on current technology. Due to substantial issues with Gnosis that cause slow performance and affect operation of other systems, ITS will take down the Gnosis site on Friday, 7/2 at 4p.

CourseFinder is currently available to faculty, staff, and students when on campus (other than on GC-Resnet). Faculty and staff may also access CourseFinder via VPN from off campus using the instructions for installing and using VPN.

You’ll find the link to sign in to CourseFinder at That page also includes instructions for Using CourseFinder.

ITS is currently working to address the following:

  • term selection and display issues on iOS devices such as iPhones, and display usability on Android devices
  • VPN software installation requirement which prevents students from using the tool when off campus or on GC-Resnet (note: VPN installation is required for security and ITS is exploring security alternatives)

A second phase of CourseFinder development is planned to add the following features:

  • direct links to course material information on the campus bookstore site (feature is broken in Gnosis)
  • links to current course syllabi (Gnosis does not have syllabi links newer than 2020)

We know Gnosis has long been of value to many faculty and staff when searching for course information. If you have questions or need help regarding CourseFinder, please submit a ticket at or email As a reminder, students will continue to use Banner Web as their primary system to find course information and as the sole system to register for classes.

Zoom Access to Google Calendars Reauthorization

Zoom Icon

Who? Anyone who schedules Zoom meetings with Google Calendar
What? Reauthorize Zoom’s calendar access
Sunday, April 25th
Why? Will stop working if not reauthorized

Zoom calendar integration, enabled through the Zoom for Gsuite add-on, is the feature that allows you to schedule Zoom meetings directly from your Google Gsuite calendar. Due to feature updates, Google will require accounts using this integration to reauthorize Zoom’s calendar access on Sunday, April 25th.

To reauthorize Zoom, select the Zoom icon on the far right sidebar in Google calendar.

Zoom white camera icon with blue background.

You will then see an alert similar to the one below. Select Authorize Access.

Image showing the authorization pop-up for the Zoom add-on to ask for permission to show additional information in Gmail and Google Calendar.
Prompt to reauthorize Zoom access to the GSuite calendar.

After selecting Authorize Access, select your Google account as the account to authorize.

You will see a prompt similar to the one below. Select Allow at the bottom of the screen to reauthorize access.

Zoom icon with notice that "Zoom for G Suite wants to access yoru Google Account"
Zoom Notice:" Make sure you trust Zoom for G Suite." With Cancel and Allow buttons at the bottom.

Please note if you do not complete reauthorization, you will no longer be able to schedule Zoom meetings directly from your calendar. The word Authorize next to a Zoom meeting indicates you need to complete reauthorization. You may click Authorize on the calendar entry to start the process.

Event Details: Zoom Meeting calendar entry with the word "Authorize" and a small red "i" indicating authorization is needed.

To learn more about the Zoom integration with Google calendars, see Zoom for GSuite add-on in the Zoom Help Center.

Questions? Contact