Collaboration, Email, and Storage


  • Email (Gmail) – Gmail offers email accounts for Guilford students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
  • The Buzz – Bulk email sent to all faculty/staff/students or to specific subsets of the College community. 
  • Calendar (Google) – Online calendaring tool for scheduling meetings with colleagues, students, and other Guilford account holders.  Keep track of events, share your schedule, and create multiple calendars.
  • Mailing List/LISTSERV – A “LISTSERV” is one way of sending an electronic message to a large number of internal and external recipients.

File Storage and Sharing

  • Shared Space – File storage
  • Cloud Storage (Google Drive) – Unlimited storage of data with Google Drive. Create, access, organize & share all files from any device with your Guilford account.

Chat and Remote Meetings

  • Video Conferencing/Chat (Google Meet) – a communication tool for video chat, instant messaging, and hosting or attending online meetings.

Digital Media

  • YouTube – G Suite YouTube-based video hosting service.
  • Artstor