Computer and Device Support

Device Support

  • Computer Support – Installation, configuration, management, and maintenance of campus-owned departmental computers.


  • Software – Licensing and distribution of software titles to the campus.
  • Office365 – Access to Office 365 Education is free for students with a valid email address.


  • Printing Locations – Centrally managed printing, copying, and scanning for academic and administrative departments.

Information Security

  • Antivirus Protection – Antivirus and anti-malware for campus computers.
  • Report an Information Security Incident – An information security incident is anything that indicates a threat to computer systems or campus data.
  • Security Awareness Training – Basic information security training on topics including data protection best practices, social engineering, phishing, privacy, and introductions to data regulations such as FERPA, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.
  • Accessibility – New technology evaluation, training, and auditing to ensure technology used by the campus is easily accessible by individuals with disabilities.