Photo Submission for Quaker ID Card

Incoming Fall 2021 Students: To ensure your ID is available at Fall check-in, please submit your photo by Monday, August 2nd.

Important! If you are attending an in-person Spring Into Guilford (SIG) session, submit your photo by the following dates to have your ID ready for pick up at SIG:

April 2 – submit by Wednesday, March 31st
April 23 or April 24 – submit by Wednesday, April 21st

To arrange for other pick-up times, submit a ticket at or email


Your Quaker Card is your official Guilford College identification and allows access to important resources such as dining, bookstore cash, Library resources, and college printing services. It also serves as your access card (key) to campus buildings. 

New students may submit a single photo for use on your Quaker ID Card. The card will be available for you to pick up on campus check-in day provided you submit an acceptable image prior to the stated deadline. 

Please review the guidelines below to ensure your picture works with our Quaker ID Card system and can serve as an appropriate form of identification.

Technical specifications

  • Portrait format
  • File size < 10 MB
  • Name the file with your G# and last name (example: G00111111Smith.jpg).

Image specifications

The photo must be:

  • A recent picture of yourself taken within the last six (6) months
  • A directly captured image of yourself (no pictures of pictures, or images reflected in mirrors)
  • In natural color (no black and white, sepia or other color alterations) 
  • A “headshot” in which you are facing forward with your face visible
  • Taken in front of a plain background
  • Taken with adequate lighting so that it is not too light, too dark, or obscured by shadows
  • One in which your body is oriented upright and vertically (not horizontal, diagonal, etc.)
  • One in which you are alone in the picture with no one else visible
  • One in which your eyes are open and you have a neutral or smiling facial expression (not frowning, laughing, crying, etc.)
  • One in which your head and shoulders are visible
  • Free from glare on eyeglasses (dark glasses are not permitted unless you have a medical reason for them)

Sample Photo:

Cartoon-sytle drawing of a headshot of the Quaker mascot

Important! You must be logged into your Guilford email account to use the form below to submit your photo.

To submit your photo, visit:

Quaker Card Photo Submission Form

Note: ITS may crop or resize your image as needed to meet card system requirements.