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New Account Automation System

In March 2020, ITS began implementation of a new account automation system to help with the onboarding process of new students and employees, and with identity and access management overall. Benefits of the system are already being achieved through faster creation of new student accounts. In the coming weeks, a new self-service password reset function will be available, enabling students and employees to reset their network passwords while remote from campus. Look for an announcement about this service soon!

A comprehensive cleanup of older accounts for former employees will also occur in the coming weeks. While this automation will ultimately make things easier for the Guilford community at large, there may be accounts that are flagged as inactive that should be considered an exception or excluded from the automated process. ITS realizes some departments still rely on information from former employee accounts.

As we gradually begin this cleanup process, we will make additional announcements to keep faculty and staff aware of the upcoming changes. We ask that you alert us if any accounts that are still actively used are suspended. ITS will work with the affected departments to determine the best way to move forward with the accounts.  

Also, as always, please be alert regarding scams and security threats regarding your accounts. Hackers are taking advantage of remote work and learning scenarios to attempt to steal passwords and other personal information. A message regarding account suspension is often used as a scam. If you are ever unsure about a message you receive, contact ITS! 

If you have questions or need ITS technical support, open a service request ticket at Trouble opening a ticket? Contact ITS at or call 336-316-2020.

Upgrades for Windows 7 Users

Faculty and staff will soon receive an email from the IT HelpDesk about Windows 10 upgrades for the people still using Windows 7. Please be sure to read this email, as this will impact many people. Please be sure to read the instructions on how to backup your data.

Do I have Windows 7 or Windows 10?

How to determine if your computer is running Windows 7, or Windows 10.

If your Start Button Looks like This

And your Login Screen Looks like this, you have Windows 7 and your computer will need to be upgraded

If your Start Button Looks Like this

And your Login Screen Looks like this, you have Windows 10.