Network & Telecommunications


  • Internet Access – provide network connectivity to the Internet for the Guilford Community
  • ResNet – WiFi network for entertainment purposes (Roku, Smart TV, gaming systems, etc.) for students on campus
  • Wi-Fi – WiFi-based wireless network services
  • Wired Networking – jacks in the wall, fiber network
  • VPN – fast, secure off-campus access to online resources such as remote desktop, remote printing, or shared network storage that normally would require you to be connected to the on-campus network


  • Telephone – Guilford College provides telephone service in faculty and staff offices, and select conference rooms


  • Domain Name System (DNS) – provide authoritative name resolution for Guilford domain and provide DNS look for internet resources
  • Dynamic Host Configuration (DHCP) – dynamically assign public and private IP addresses
  • Network Load Balancing – provide server traffic sharing for clients as well as server failover