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Planning for continuation of services in the event of a disaster, major technology failure, or other unexpected event is important for any campus office. The current COVID-19 pandemic has made this issue a top priority. This page contains information and instructions regarding technology services that can help you continue to fulfill your Guilford College professional and educational duties during a disruption of normal operations, including important resources for those working, as well as those learning, remotely.

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The sections that follow provide technology information especially relevant to members of the Guilford community who are working, teaching, and learning remotely. ITS will update this site frequently as resources are available.

Continuity of Operations Technology Resources


Most resources below require you to log in to your Guilford College email account for access. If you need help logging into your email account contact the ITS Help Desk.

Equipment Needs for Remote Work and Learning

Students (and employee personal purchases):

Guilford College has established discount laptop purchase opportunities for students, offering high quality business-class laptops at prices well below retail. Laptops are purchased online and shipped directly to your home! While this opportunity is focused on students, faculty and staff may also benefit from these discounts for personal purchases.

Learn about Guilford College Discount Laptop Purchases.

File:Apple logo black.svg - Wikimedia CommonsMinimum
Guilford Dell Discounts:
Shop “Standard Configurations”
for special pricing
Guilford Apple Discounts:
Access Apple Education Pricing
Learn about recommended
minimum specifications
before making a purchase.

Remote Access to Guilford College Information Systems

Many Guilford College systems (Gmail, Canvas, Banner Web, Google Drive, etc.) are available from any computer on the internet, but some systems require “VPN” (virtual private network) access for off-campus use. VPN is available for free download.

Follow ITS’s VPN Instructions to learn how to download, install, and use it.

Systems requiring VPN include:

  • Banner “Admin” Pages (NOT Banner Web which does not need VPN)
  • GCStore Shared Drives (I: Classes, J: Departments, L: Resources, H:, etc.)
  • Banner Report File Transfer using CoreFTP/WinSCP
  • ArcGIS: College License (VPN is NOT required if you have your own copy)
  • SPSS: College License (VPN is NOT required if you have your own copy, including free copies available here)
  • Other administrative software: Some other administrative software, used by relatively few people, requires VPN. If you are having difficulty connecting to a system and don’t see the specialized software you use on this list, please reach out to ITS to ask if VPN access is needed.

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Remote Access to Shared File Storage

GCStore Shared Network Drives:

GCStore drives are used to store and share files on the Guilford College network and include I: Classes, J: Departments, L: Resources, and H: . Not everyone has access to, or uses resources from, all of these drives. For those available to you, VPN is required to connect from off campus.

After connecting with VPN, on a personal computer (or if your College-issued computer is no longer showing the drives), you will need to use these instructions for Network Drive Mapping to access the drive you need.

Google Drive:

Google Drive or “G Drive” is a cloud (remote) file storage option available to you as part of your Guilford College Google email account. Google Drive:

  • can be accessed from almost any computer connected to the internet
  • is mobile-device friendly, allowing file access from a smartphone
  • does not require VPN
  • has a wide range of collaboration features, including easy file-sharing, collaborative editing and commenting, version tracking, assigning tasks, and sharing updates via email
  • should NOT be used for restricted information such as social security #s, banking #s, private health information, and other protected data

To get started uploading and sharing files in Google Drive through a web browser (such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge) read Using Your Google Drive.

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Remote Meetings and Events

Guilford College is fortunate to have more than one option for video/web conferencing to support remote work, online learning, and other activities. Google Hangouts/Meet and Zoom are both available through your Guilford College account. For information regarding use of these tools for classes, see Hege Library and Learning Technologies Tools for Synchronous Virtual Class Sessions.

Information Coming Soon!


Zoom Icon
In March 2020, Guilford College acquired a license for Zoom to facilitate online learning and also support non-instructional activities. Advantages of a College “Zoom Pro” account include hosting meetings longer than 40 minutes (a limitation of a free Zoom account) and integration of Zoom meetings with your Guilford College Google Calendar. Classes benefit from Zoom’s integration with Canvas.

To get started with Zoom:

  • Read about Installing and Using Zoom
    (includes tips for troubleshooting your webcam, mic, and audio!)
  • Faculty especially should visit the Hege Library and Learning Technologies Zoom resource page
    (includes Canvas integration instructions for Zoom and recorded Zoom workshops!)

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Google Meet

Google Meet is included with your Guilford Google account. We recommend Zoom because of the variety of features offered, but Meet may be used for online meetings as well.

Specialized Software

Employees working remotely and students learning remotely may not have access to specialized software on their personal computers that they normally use through a campus office or lab desktop computer. One bright spot with COVID-19 is many technology companies are offering products that normally have license costs free at no charge for a limited time. The table below covers software known to be used at Guilford. It will be updated as more information becomes available.

ProductStatusMore Information
Adobe Creative CloudThe extended free license for Adobe Creative Cloud expired 7/6/20. Faculty and Academic Affairs staff who need CC should contact Hege Library and Learning Technologies. Students will receive CC information from faculty teaching classes that use the product. Staff outside Academic Affairs should contact the ITS Helpdesk for a purchase quote. Your computer must meet the minimum requirements here to run Adobe CC.License Required for Installation
Microsoft OfficeNo Change: Available for free download for all current Guilford students, faculty, or staff. Installation Instructions
SPSSThe extended free license for SPSS expired 6/30/2020, and Guilford has discontinued the enterprise SPSS site-license. Faculty who need SPSS should contact Hege Library and Learning Technologies. Students will receive SPSS information from faculty teaching classes that use the product. SAS is recommended as a no-cost alternative to SPSS.Faculty contact Hege Library & Learning Technologies re: SPSS access
ZoomGuilford College offers Zoom “Pro” licenses to the campus for video/web conferencing. Read more about it here.Installation Instructions

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Remote Phone Operations

Guilford College’s phone system offers several options to help keep you connected when away from your desk phone.

Voicemail-to-Email Feature:

The good news is, unless you’ve opted out of this service, ITS has probably already configured your desk phone to send a copy of your voicemail message to your email as a sound file. If you do not have this service enabled and want it, open an ITS Help Desk ticket at or email

Note! With voicemail-to-email enabled, the typical setup is to also leave an copy of the message in your phone voicemail box. You’ll need to review and delete your voicemail from time-to-time or your box will become full and stop receiving new messages. The instructions in the next section explain how to do this remotely.

Check Voicemail and Change your Greeting Remotely:

ITS is developing instructions specifically for the most commonly used phone and voicemail features. Meanwhile refer to the Mitel Clearspan Voice Portal Quick Reference Guide for instructions.

 To access your voicemail box off campus please dial 336-316-2500.
Enter your 4-digit phone extension followed by your passcode, then #.
Select 1 to review your voicemail messages.

Remote Phone Use with Mitel Clearspan Communicator Basic:

Mitel’s Clearspan Communicator Basic is software you install on your computer that allows you to control and configure various aspects of your office phone, including managing contacts, Do Not Disturb functionality, and Remote Office (advanced call forwarding). Clearspan Communicator Basic can be installed on a college-issued or personal computer. Learn about Setting Up Clearspan Communicator Basic.

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ITS Help Desk Support During COVID-19 Limited In-person Operations

The ITS Help Desk is currently operating normal hours of Mon-Fri, 8-5p, with after-hours support by appointment only. Support is provided by in person, by phone (336-316-2020), email, and online. To request support, enter a support ticket at or send email to

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